Services and Programs

Legal Services
The Land Peace Foundation provides low cost legal representation and technical assistance to Indigenous populations, groups and organizations. In order to ensure that individuals, corporations and governmental agencies live up to their obligations under law, treaty and other binding domestic and international mechanisms. We provide legal services for conflicts connected to the following:

  • Aboriginal Land Title
  • Subsistence/Sustenance Rights
  • Sacred Sites Protection
  • Religious Freedom
  • Human Rights
  • Civil Rights

Current Training Programs

Building Nonviolent Indigenous Rights Movements

In recent years we have witnessed the most aggressive attack on Indigenous Rights in 100 years. This is largely due to a battle over dwindling resources. Large scale resistance has surfaced in response to this attack. Though this uprising is hopeful and inspiring, it must be coordinated into a focused, long-term campaign, in order to be productive.

In response to this need, we have designed a training program that provides the tools needed to give this movement focus and direction, so that it can achieve the critical mass needed to be effective.

Goal of this workshop: To provide focus, guidance and direction to this movement as well as offering participants with the skills needed to establish and maintain a personal commitment to peace and non-violence. We also provide participants with the practical tools needed to make their efforts more effective and long-lasting. Participants will receive both the theory and practical skills necessary for building a unified movement that is based on principles of nonviolence.

These training programs are available to Indigenous peoples, organizations, groups and allies.

Educational Programs

The Land Peace Foundation provides broad based educational programs and materials on contemporary issues facing Indigenous peoples and communities, along with information, tools and resources for addressing current threats to local and global efforts.

If you are interested in any of our services please contact: