Who We Are


The staff of the Land Peace Foundation offers more than 50 years of experience protecting indigenous lands and rights. Our staff comes from diverse backgrounds providing expertise in Federal Indian Law, International Indigenous Rights Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution. We are accomplished advocates, negotiators and litigators who are committed to promoting a historically proven culture of sustainability that ensures the protection of the land, the people, environment and a way-of-life that is in harmony with the natural world. Through our work to protect indigenous lands, natural resources, sacred sites and fundamental human rights and freedoms we are ensuring the continuation of all life.

Sherri L. Mitchell, Executive Director

Wesley Jones, Attorney

Seanna Howard, International Human Rights Consultant

Board of Directors

The governing board of the Land Peace Foundation is comprised of experienced and distinguished individuals.  We are honored to be guided by the leadership, expertise and vision of individuals who have risen to the top of their chosen fields, including Indigenous leaders who are respected by indigenous peoples across the globe.

Sherri L. Mitchell, Executive Director

D.J. Eagle Bear Vanas

Laura Harris

Donald G. Soctomah

Yvonne Bishop-Mitchell